DriveTeq Track Day – Dancing in the Sunshine

Date(s) - September 29, 2020
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport)


Special Note: DriveTeq’s standard operating practices have been or might be modified as restrictions change as a result of COVID-19. We have successfully operated track days this season using our common sense pandemic protocols. The days include track novices, intermediates that needed some guidance (Intermediate 1), SOLO intermediates (Intermediate 2), and Advanced drivers. Novice and Intermediate 1 drivers will be coached with our follow-the-leader method to ensure sound instruction while adhering to safe physical distancing protocols. Join us.

Track/Location: Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Grand Prix Course (GP), (Mosport), Bowmanville, ON.  Mosport is the fastest track in North America and third in the world. It has ten thrilling corners. Excellent conference facilities and ample exercise areas. Fall glory and perfect driving weather. Track provider is DriveTeq.

Event Date: September 29, 2020 (Tuesday)


DriveTeq GP Event Dates (13): May 1, May 19, June 1, June 4, June 16, June 26, July 14, July 28, August 18, August 31, September 15, September 29, October 8

DriveTeq DDT Event Dates (3): April 26, May 8, June 21

Event Format:  1-Day event; 3 group format (Novice & Intermediate 1 combined, Intermediate 2, and Advanced); lots of track time/day. Controlled passing in designated areas with a signal/point-by. Program designed to safely introduce Novice drivers to the track through classroom discussion, skills development exercises, and on-track follow-the-leader training. Intermediate 1 drivers will forgo the classroom and exercises and will be trained by our follow-the-leader coaches until such time that they can successfully solo. Intermediate 2 and Advanced drivers will be evaluated and coached to meet each driver’s needs.


  1. Track Novice Program – Supervised Study
    1. Classroom Theory – understand the fundamentals of car control;
    2. Supervised Car Control Exercises – experience the fundamentals of car control in a safe dedicated area;
    3. In-car Follow-the-Leader Group Coaching – experience driving on a track (closed road) to explore the skills of the driver and limits of the vehicle. Skills Focus – Vision, grip, car dynamics, braking, cornering and skid control.
  1. Track Intermediate 1 Program – Transition to Solo Study
    1. Set goals & discuss implementation milestones with a coach;
    2. Lots of track time with like drivers;
    3. Practise advanced driving techniques using follow-the-leader technique.
  1. Track Intermediate 2 Program – Solo (Independent) Study; Developing Critical Car Control Skills
    1. Set goals & discuss implementation milestones with a coach;
    2. Lots of track time with like drivers;
    3. Practise advanced driving techniques like visual vectoring, multi-input steering, G. loading, trail-steering, transitioning, heel & toe shifting, and driving in traffic and be mindful of the concepts of situational awareness and mechanical sympathy.
  1. Track Advanced Program – Solo (Independent) Study; Highly Developed Critical Car Control Skills
    1. High-functioning exceptionally experienced track drivers that are training to maximize the many cognitive and physical skills of inter-active track driving;
    2. Lots of track time with like drivers.

Cost: $675+HST ($762.75).  Payment in advance by interac e-transfer or cheque to DriveTeq.

Additional Info:

Registration Process:

  1. At bottom of this page, select your appropriate driver training group and complete the Booking process;
  2. You will receive a “Booking Pending” email;
  3. On our approval, a “Booking Confirmed” email will be delivered with event details, total remittance amount, and payment instructions (interac e-transfer or cheque); and
  4. Payment will complete the registration process.

Important Notes:

  1. Early payment discounts will only be honoured if the funds are received by DriveTeq within the payment window noted above; and,
  2. Unpaid or partially paid applicants are subject to cancellation without notice.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Tech inspection  STRONGLY SUGGESTED prior to event;
  • No refund due to weather, mechanical issues, other; event is operated rain or shine
  • E&OE.

Further questions, please call Gerry 416 809-6803 or Rick 416 938-2730.  PROFESSIONALLY OPERATED, TERRIFIC DAYS, GREAT FUN !


Bookings are closed for this event.