DriveTeq Track Day – Long Road to Racing 2022

Date(s) - August 28, 2022
8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Track (DDT)


COVID-19: DriveTeq will meet all provincial, municipal, and venue regulations/restrictions re COVID-19 at the time of the event. Notice of such regulations/restrictions will be by a driver confirmation email about a week prior to every event. Stay safe.

Track/Location: Canadian Tire Motorsports Park, Driver Development Track (DDT), Bowmanville, ON. Perfect training facility – classroom, large exercise area, skidpad, and technically challenging 3km multi-elevation training track. Track provider is DriveTeq.

Event Date: August 28, 2022 (Sunday)


DriveTeq GP Event Dates (15): April 29, May 5*, May 13*,  May 31, June 14, June 15*, June 27, July 11, July 26, August 16, August 29, September 12, September 26, October 6, October 17

DriveTeq DDT Event Dates (4): April 24, May 6, June 19, August 28*

* denotes “Specialty”:

  1. Two (2) Group Intermediate/Advanced event; or
  2. Three (3) Group driver education/Group 133 sprint race series race event
  3. For details, please visit specific event date information page in our schedule

Event Format:  1-Day event; 3 group format (SOLO Intermediate 2 & Advanced combined, Intermediate 1 & Novice combined, and Group 133 Sprint Race); lots of track time/day. Program designed to safely introduce Novice drivers to the track through classroom discussion, skills development exercises, and on-track in-car instruction. Intermediate 1 drivers will forgo the classroom and exercises and will be trained by our on-track in-car coaches until such time that they can successfully solo. For experienced SOLO drivers, controlled passing in designated areas with a signal/point-by. For Group 133 racers, program designed for both experienced racers and to safely introduce qualified drivers to sprint racing.


  1. Track Novice Program – Supervised Study
    1. Classroom Theory – understand the fundamentals of car control;
    2. Supervised Car Control Exercises – experience the fundamentals of car control in a safe dedicated area;
    3. On-track in-car Group Coaching – experience driving on a track (closed road) to explore the skills of the driver and limits of the vehicle. Skills Focus – vision, grip, car dynamics, braking, cornering and skid control.
  1. Track Intermediate 1 Program – Transition to Solo Study
    1. Set goals & discuss implementation milestones with a coach;
    2. Lots of track time with like drivers;
    3. Practise advanced driving techniques with a on-track in-car coach.
  1. Track Intermediate 2 Program – Solo (Independent) Study; Developing Critical Car Control Skills
    1. Set personal goals with an option to discuss implementation milestones with a coach;
    2. Lots of track time with like drivers;
    3. Practise advanced driving techniques like visual vectoring, multi-input steering, G. loading, trail-steering, transitioning, heel & toe shifting, and driving in traffic and be mindful of the concepts of situational awareness and mechanical sympathy.
  1. Track Advanced Program – Solo (Independent) Study; Highly Developed Critical Car Control Skills
    1. High-functioning exceptionally experienced track drivers that are training to maximize the many cognitive and physical skills of inter-active track driving;
    2. Lots of track time with like drivers.
  1. Group 133 Sprint Race Program – the next level to utilize critical driving skills and develop racecraft
    1. Sessions include 1 practice (@20 min), 1 qualifying (@20 min), and 2 race (@~30-35 mins)
    2. Rules Set (incl. driver quali, safety gear & car tech) TBA

Regular Cost: $475+HST ($536.75).  Payment in advance by interac e-transfer or cheque to DriveTeq. Cost for Group 133 Sprint Race Program: $600+HST ($678)

Additional Info:

  • SOLO drivers – helmets (Snell 2015, later) for Intermediate and Advanced, mandatory. Helmet rental – $30+HST ($33.90). Please reserve and pay by interact e-transfer not less than 48 hours in advance;
  • Group 133 racers – rule set (incl. driver quali, safety gear & car tech), TBA
  • Lunch and water provided for all drivers and racers (Guests & Crew Extra $). Guests dependent on COVID-19 threat at time of event. If allowed, please reserve and pay by interact e-transfer not less than 48 hours in advance;
  • Anatomy of a DriveTeq DE track day, click
  • Preparing for a DriveTeq track day, click

Registration Process:

  1. At bottom of this page, select your appropriate driver training group and complete the Booking process;
  2. You will receive a “Booking Pending” email;
  3. On our approval, a “Booking Confirmed” email will be delivered with event details, total remittance amount, and payment instructions (interac e-transfer or cheque); and
  4. Payment will complete the registration process.

Important Notes:

  1. Early payment discounts will only be honoured if the funds are received by DriveTeq within the payment window noted above; and,
  2. Unpaid or partially paid applicants are subject to cancellation without notice.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Tech inspection  STRONGLY SUGGESTED prior to event;
  • No refund due to weather, mechanical issues, other; event is operated rain or shine
  • E&OE.

Further questions, please call Gerry 416 809-6803 or Rick 416 938-2730.  PROFESSIONALLY OPERATED, EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION, HUGE FUN !


Bookings are closed for this event.

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