DriveTeq Difference

The founders of DriveTeq come from diverse but complementary professional business backgrounds and are absolutely unified in their passion for helping people Drive Better.

About DriveTeq What makes DriveTeq different is our unique combination of...

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    Combined backgrounds –

    experience/expertise and driving/business

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    Strong client focus –

    a focus on maximizing each client’s value in respect of their driving objectives

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    Approach - “hands on” and “from the ground up” –

    we have participated in every aspect of the development of DriveTeq’s business

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    Bottom line focus on Driving Results that our clients seek

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    “One-stop motorsport ecosystem” experience –

    from track novice to advanced

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    Broad offering, integration and ongoing expansion of complementary driving resources –

    with a razor sharp focus on our core business – Driving Better

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    Thoughtfully developed and dynamic driving curriculum –

    appropriately tailored for and communicated to each DriveTeq client

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    Clear and concise set of Driving Values –

    that govern everything our business does


DriveTeq Driving Values

  • Leadership:

    We seek to lead our industry and are regularly searching for and providing better and innovative ways to serve our clients.

  • Professionalism & Integrity:

    We hold ourselves to a high standard of care when conducting business with our clients.

  • Knowledge:

    We place a tremendous value on cutting edge knowledge in our field and leading in best practices.

  • Value:

    We work with our clients to set goals and ensure that they receive the resources they need to achieve them.

  • Safety:

    Prudence and best safety practices guide our curriculum and on-track activities to keep our clients safe.

  • Partnership:

    We feel strongly about the importance of and our ability to work cooperatively with people in order to provide the resources required for our clients to succeed.


Testimonials Reviews from our clients and customers

“I’ve had a number of on track instructions over the years, but none compared to what I learned with you in one day. Thanks a ton!!!!!”

–Ian on DriveTeq Advanced Driver Coaching

“Bourk and I would like to thank you and Rick and your entire team for one of the best track days ever. The entire day was very well organized and all of our friends and customers were contacting me today telling me the same thing.”

— Dave on DriveTeq DDC Dealer/Club Track Day

“We had a blast even with the rain. I think the rain made it even more enjoyable. We will keep in touch as we will be looking into getting our kids over to get instruction to improve their driving skills etc. especially winter driving.“

— Gino on DriveTeq DDC Track Day

“As you both could probably tell, I had a blast. You both made me feel comfortable pushing the car. I can’t believe how much I learned in one day and as an added bonus lunch was amazing. I will definitely be out at some further events.”

— Josh on DriveTeq Track Day

“Fantastic day yesterday…I don’t recall ever being part of a group of people that were so in-tune and courteous with one another on the track.”

— Eugene on DriveTeq Track Day

“Drive Teq makes your track day or weekend experience all the more enjoyable. From registration, coaching at all levels to track side assistance their years of experience are invaluable!”

— Alex on DriveTeq Track Days

“I brought my wife and children for an educational and fun day of driving at the track. DriveTeq knew how to communicate with us effectively, they looked after my family and we all had a great time.”

— Richard on a DriveTeq Driver Education Day

“Driveteq track events offer the highest value for money in the industry. You get as much track time as you can handle, and any type of coaching you require, all at a very reasonable price.”

— Fareed on DriveTeq Integrated Motorsport Resources

“I repeatedly relived the adventure in my head on the long drive home yesterday, and will treasure the memory for a long time to come. In the end, it was lot more than “just” the driving.”

— Francois on a DriveTeq Road Trip (VIR & Road Atlanta)

“I have been driving for 20+ years.Absolutely no track or other high performance driving experience. In fact the only driving instruction I have ever taken was the minimal young driver’s course at age 16. The primary reason to do the winter driving coaching was to increase my confidence when driving in poor weather especially snow. I had absolutely no idea what to expect from the instruction session. I had an excellent overall experience. All the driving instruction and tips were totally new to me. Important things you never learn even from Young Drivers courses and years of road driving. The important single thing I learned was how crucial vision is. I realized I had been driving my whole life while only looking a 1-2 cars ahead, or less! Related to this is the principle of looking where you want to go, not where you want to avoid.”

— Laurie on DriveTeq Winter Advanced Driver Training

“Yes driving in the snow today I didn’t feel nervous like I normally do. I was really calm but not overconfident. I think it helped to feel like I’ve pushed my car to the limit (in the snow). Plus I’m finally now used to the new seat & steering wheel position. I’ve also improved a lot with how/where I hold the steering wheel. I think the theory really helped (learning that when I apply the brake the front end goes down, giving there more contact between the tire and road). Also seeing the visual of where/when to look, brake, cut across and speed up was immensely helpful because I’m a visual learner. The driving course was informative and fun. I feel like I know how to handle my car better. I’ll definitely be back!”

— Christine on DriveTeq Winter Advanced Driver Training

“Andrea is doing well. Your training has made her a very good driver. Best said…exceptional!! Had the pleasure of sitting in the back seat of a fast rental car this summer as she drove perfectly the entire length of the Pacific Coastal Highway; between San Francisco and Los Angeles. She and I were the only ones capable of dealing with the winding terrain of California. A lot to be said for a North American teenager. Thank you again for your tutoring.”

— Tony on his daughter Andrea after DriveTeq Advanced Driver Training

“[The] opportunity to participate with [my] child: fun but more importantly, very comforting to be onsite at same time and BIG bonus was being given opportunity to ride through some runs in passenger seat. Perceived value was on a magnitude of being exponential.”

— Franco on DriveTeq Winter Advanced Driver Training & experience driving with daughter

“Fantastic, incredible….even successful, in a warped kind of way…It was a great first experience of wheel-to-wheel racing action!”

— David on DriveTeq Racing

“Just finished Sebring, another of the many events I have booked through DriveTeq. When I started into this hobby in 2008 it was through Gerry Low that I started to understand how much I could learn about driving. Since those Advanced Driver Training days at TMP i have progressed but am always thankful for seat time with Rick and Gerry to remind me of the basics, which every year I seem to have to remember all over again. DriveTeq has helped me with car acquisitions and while on trips with them they have helped with car repair and maintenance to make sure my trip was perfect. No better way to learn how to drive and no better way to safely visit some of the most exciting tracks on the planet!”

— Bruce on DriveTeq Integrated Motorsport Resources

“The day was absolutely perfect with some ice and plenty of hard packed snow. The advanced driving lessons gave us invaluable experience in being able to handle a car in tricky situations, such as a slide when rounding a bend or turning a corner. Not only were the lessons useful and informative, but they were also great fun.”

— David & Piat on DriveTeq Winter Advanced Driver Training

“Ive started using in my daily commute the throttle control techniques I learned during the exercises.”

— Tien on DriveTeq Winter Advanced Driver Training

“To DriveTeq for planning and arranging. Another great adventure. Lots of work and a tiring drive. Great time had by all and everyone home safe.”

— Sidney on DriveTeq Road Trip (Road Atlanta)

“Our drivers were pleased to receive the training and saw value in the course. It has inspired greater confidence on the road. Our drivers have a greater awareness of the techniques available to them to control their vehicles and a heightened appreciation for how to drive more safely. The DriveTeq team was all of professional, organized, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with on this project.”

— Ozery on DriveTeq Risk Management Resources Winter Advanced Driver Training

”I really appreciate everyones efforts and hard work in making the day a success. DriveTeq gave a few pointers that were game changers for me and I am really looking forward to the 26th of Sept to do it all over again.”

— Dave on DriveTeq Local Track Event and Advanced Driver Training

“Another great trip! My third driveteq road trip, second to a DMTD event, and first time at VIR. Great track, great instruction, great cars and drivers, and good company. Can’t wait for next one…”

— David on DriveTeq Road Trip to VIR

“Had a great day at EA implementing the trail braking techniques that I learned from Rick of Driveteq and lopped 6 seconds off my track time. Then I did a Time Attack competition three days later and wound up taking another second off and ending with a 1:22:05 at CTMP which was described by observers as a blistering time. Want to learn how to drive fast? This is the best group to run with if that’s your goal. Thanks to Rick and Gerry for your help.”

— Bruce on Getting Faster with DriveTeq

“Wow what an awesome day with DriveTeq at Mosport. From the moment of arrival and throughout the day, I was truly impressed with how well everything was organized. From the pre-driving brief, out to the skid-pad, slalom, and race course – you always knew what was going on and what was coming next. Over and above the great driving instructions and tips from Rick and Gerry, it was interesting how a group of drivers with their Astons Martins, BMWs, Porsches, Mercedes, Mustangs and other cars quickly bonded after having just met that day. I enjoyed the day so much that I’ll be back to thrash around the race track. Thanks again.”

— Morgan on DriveTeq Track Days

About Our Management

Gerry Low and Rick Morelli are the Co-Managing Directors and Founders of DriveTeq.  They come from diverse backgrounds and combine complimentary skills.  Their mutual passion for training more competent and knowledgeable drivers unites them.  Together, they have in excess of 45 years of advanced/high performance driving dynamics training experience.  To that end, we have created a complete motorsport ecosystem for our clients to enjoy and develop.

Gerry has been organizing driver training events since the advent of marquee clubs.  Gerry and Rick have overseen the evolution of driver training on closed circuits in the past twenty years and between them, maintain a sophisticated knowledge of the many advances in automobile technology.

Gerry’s lifelong passion has been studying driving technique fundamentals and sharing them. With over 45 years of experience, Gerry specializes in teaching the fundamentals of driving dynamics with a focus on incident prevention.

Rick is a lawyer who has left a career in one of Canada’s largest firms. Rick has merged his advisory skills in risk management and business focus with his passion for driving dynamics and education. With Gerry, Rick continues to use his experience and training to provide trainees with sound advice and coaching and to evolve the organization and development of a fully integrated system of driving resources.

The foundation for much of our current, cutting edge DriveTeq curriculum and methods of delivery has been developed over years of study with our friend, mentor, teacher and Canadian Motorsports Hall of Famer, Mr. Craig Fisher.



Gerry and Rick continue to plot a course to make DriveTeq the premier one-stop motorsport ecosystem for every business and individual’s driving needs and desires.

To learn more about the foundation on which we continue to build our business, read the DriveTeq Difference.

You can reach Gerry at [email protected] and Rick at [email protected].

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