Risk Management

At DriveTeq Risk Management Resources, we believe that owners are under increasing pressure to provide safe working environments.  The law continues to extend liability to employers for not maintaining safe conditions relating to driving practices for its employees.  Failures often result in significant costs like premium increases and loss of a good reputation.

DriveTeq has existing programs and develops custom programs designed to dramatically increase a driver’s ability to anticipate and avoid vehicle incidents.  With reduced incidents, our customers are able to stabilize and even reduce their costs of insurance, driving profit to their bottom line.

We are prepared to assist clients in proactively avoiding potential issues before they arise and addressing problems that have arisen already.  DriveTeq provides both in-classroom theory and practical in-vehicle training in addition to the convenience of online training and testing.


Our programs are:
(i) cost-effective, (ii) easy to understand and participate in, (iii) practical and (iv) results driven.

Our clients receive:

  • Increased profits by reducing their total cost of risk

  • Quantifiable ROI

  • Certificate of completion

  • Protected and enhanced reputation and brand name

  • Reduced future liabilities including first and third-party liability

  • Positioned as best in class in your customer’s eyes

  • Ongoing support including driver rehabilitation and new hire input


Advanced Driver Training

DriveTeq offers practical, real life in-vehicle training that simulates on-road circumstances and provides advanced solutions.  Our practical in-vehicle simulations provide our clients with an advantage over the competition.  We deliver measurable benefits that are translated into savings and an increased bottom line.

We provide our programs on closed circuit training facilities.  DriveTeq has a developed curriculum.  We employ the best coaches in order to convey that information to our clients.

We deliver our on course driver training programs all year around to take full advantage of real life conditions and those conditions that are most demanding for drivers.

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“Our drivers were pleased to receive the training and saw value in the course.  It has inspired greater confidence on the road. Our drivers have a greater awareness of the techniques available to them to control their vehicles and a heightened appreciation for how to drive more safely.  The DriveTeq team was all of professional, organized, knowledgeable and pleasant to work with on this project.”
— Ozery on DriveTeq Risk Management Resources Winter Advanced Driver Training —

Risk Management Driving Seminars

DriveTeq’s advanced driving seminars have been developed as part of a comprehensive training program included with our on-course practical training and as a stand-alone advanced driver training service.

We provide practical in-class training on techniques that can be used immediately to reduce risk.  Our presentations are easy to understand and delivered in a clear and concise manner.

We provide our seminar programs on-site in advance of our on-course programs and also at various locations convenient to our clients.

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Risk Management Consulting Services

In addition to our existing advanced driver programs, DriveTeq will work with its clients to develop tailored programs focused on specific or limited issues.  A particular focus is driver evaluation and remediation.  We will examine specific issues, evaluate, recommend and remediate.

Additionally, we will work with our clients to develop specific programs to address particular issues.

If you have particular concerns, Contact Us to discuss how we can assist you.