MotorSport Overview

DriveTeq Integrated Motorsport Resources is an integrated provider of various motorsport related services. We provide a “one-stop shopping” experience for the motorsport enthusiast from the beginner level and all the way up to the most advanced amateur drivers.  We bring over 40 years of experience and partnerships together to provide individuals with the resource and support they require to enjoy their motorsport hobby at the level they want with unrivalled convenience and access.

DriveTeq also provides the resources required for new enthusiasts to enter and participate in motorsport activities at a level suitable for them.

Are you wondering how to get involved and at what level?  Are you thinking this is something you’d like to try but you really need to spend the time figuring out how to do it correctly? You don’t need to look any further because DriveTeq can provide all the support you require to explore motorsport in a safe and comfortable manner.  We provide the information you need to participate safely in the activity and dramatically limit any anxiety or concern you may have.

With hundreds of events under our belt, we understand the issues – technical, educational, safety and importantly, human.  We have served hundreds of new participants and businesses, and we have provided them with a unique and rewarding experience at the level they want.  DriveTeq can cut hundreds of hours, dollars and poor experiences from your learning “costs”.


We provide services including,

  • private and group coaching

    for beginners and advanced level drivers

  • track days

    for large and small groups both locally in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout North America

  • a turn-key "arrive & drive" racing program

  • a turn-key track car rental program

  • turn-key road trip packages

    to North America’s historic racing circuits to experience them first hand

  • classroom

    driving technique seminars

  • winter driver training program

  • photo and video

    memories of all of our adventure experiences

Contact Us! We are an integrated motorsport resource company focused on providing our clients with premier solutions to meet their specific needs and desires in one of the most thrilling activities we know.

“Driveteq offers the complete range of services for drivers of all skill and experience levels. As a driver progresses from being a novice who just wants some coaching at the local track to becoming a highly skilled driver in a race-spec car who does multi-day track events at different venues, Driveteq offers the optimal level of support and services.”
— Fareed on DriveTeq Integrated Motorsport Resources —