Motorsport Group 133 Sprint Race Series

A League for Lady and Gentleman Racers

Group 133 is a grassroots sprint race series bridging the driver education and racing event space for new and experienced drivers. It targets well sorted, clean race cars capable of 1.33 minutes or more at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Grand Prix Circuit (“GP track”) divided into three classes (2.5 L or over, under 2.5 L and forced induction). So, we’re targeting cars that are fast but not too fast and “affordable” to operate on a regular basis in multiple types of driver education and racing events.

Group 133 is also focused on encouraging experienced drivers who may be looking for pathway to racing and development while giving experienced drivers a venue to enjoy their hobby in a competitive and fun environment. Culture is key! Friendly, respectful, courteous, safe, educational and competitive are at the core of the series values.

Initially, Group 133 races will be focused at our home circuits, the GP track and the CTMP Driver Development Track. For more information, visit our Facebook Group 133 Page and/or contact us. Racing dates are included in our Schedule.

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Why Group 133:

  • friendly, welcoming & fun

  • safe, disciplined, clean & organized

  • competitive

  • social

  • affordable, accessible & sustainable

  • educational

  • increase 133 type race car utilization

  • support grassroots racing generally