Motorsport Seminars

We have developed over many years an advanced driving curriculum that is guaranteed to improve your driving skills.  It focusses on foundational as well as advanced techniques.  In most cases, information you have never considered will positively change the way you drive a vehicle.

Our advanced driving seminars can be delivered independently as stand-alone presentations.

They are perfect lunch and learn type seminars.  Depending on client objectives, we can deliver one comprehensive seminar or break the information into modules.  Our seminars are designed educational programs for businesses, families and individuals to learn advanced driving techniques.

We also deliver our advanced driving seminars as part of track day events for groups or individuals.  A perfect complement to the classroom theory is the opportunity to head out in a vehicle and apply the knowledge you have obtained at one of our track day events.

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Contact Us if you have questions or you’d like to book a seminar for yourself, your family or a group.  They are the perfect way to be introduced to the hobby.