Corporate Services Overview

In addition to excellent planning capabilities, organizing and holding successful track related events is significantly enhanced by relevant experience.  We provide the relationships, skill and team to help you be successful in this environment.

The racetrack can be a dangerous place so not only do you need to be properly planned, you want the skill and experience to understand and manage the issues that will make your event a winner.

The track is a place where you need to get it right the first time and when you do, the rewards will be unmistakable.

There is little to rival the excitement and lasting, positive impact of a safely executed motorsport infused event.

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Corporate Entertainment

DriveTeq organizes and executes motorsport events to entertain your clients, prospective clients or staff.  Are you looking to make an impact and leave a positive and lasting impression?  Are you thinking you’d like to have a meeting in an interesting location and blend it with something a little different?  Our events days are a unique opportunity to provide an unrivaled experience.  And, that experience can be combined with your other business objectives or carried out as a stand alone event.

We have the experience and the flexibility to be able to customize motorsport infused events to meet your specific objectives. 

Some examples include providing unique cars to experience in addition to your clients’ own cars and coordinating the services of professional drivers to provide a thrilling and memorable adventure.  We have the know-how and range to be able to provide a variety of interesting opportunities to suit your requirements and importantly, we know how to blend and organize the motorsport aspect of the event.

For more information on the track related resources we provide, please see also our information on Track Days.


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To book your event, we need to know:

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Experiential Marketing – All About the Drive

We are the ultimate high impact emotional drive experience.  Equally comfortable on closed circuits (race track), public roads or parking lots at any time of the year to demonstrate or supervise client drives.

We immerse every targeted consumer in the product experience creating positive personal memories and emotive interaction. 

Our team quickly builds familiarity and trust on a one-on-one basis to encourage purchase and support loyalty.

We integrate effectively with the other parties required to successfully execute vehicle experiential events with a focus on the orderly management of the driving experience and financial budget limitations.

It’s all about the drive…

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