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Drive for the KIDS: May 14 CTMP (Mosport) GP

Come drive and learn one of the greatest tracks of all time AND support the children who need the services of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (the “Hospital”) for the first ever “Laps for KIDS”. You don’t need to be an expert driver. You just need to want to support the cause and have some unique fun. There will be excellent instructors available to ensure you learn some skills in a safe environment. Continue reading Drive for the KIDS: May 14 CTMP (Mosport) GP

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2018 DriveTeq Track Days @ CTMP (Mosport) & LCMT: Dates & Pricing

DriveTeq is pleased to announce its event dates for 2018 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport GP and Driver Development Track (DDT)). We professionally run safe, educational, and entertaining track days for newcomers to pros. Registration is open for all dates.

To RESERVE specific day(s), click on the links below and complete the registration for each day. OR easier, download, complete, and return the attached form (click DriveTeq Track-Event Schedule - CTMP&LCMT-2018) with specific dates that can be changed until the season starts and email to Fees are listed on a per/day basis. Payment by interac e-transfer (preferred) or cheque (payable to DriveTeq) at time of registration is essential to complete the process. Spots in each run group are limited. No refunds or credits due to weather, mechanical failures, etc. Purchases to be used in 2018.

* Click on coloured text for more information.

DriveTeq DDT (technical track) dates:

1. Sunday, April 22 – info & register now by clicking April 22 DDT
2. Friday May 11 – info & register now by clicking May 11 DDT
3. Sunday, August 12 – info & register now by clicking August 12 DDT

DriveTeq DDT Incentive Prices for all RUN Groups:

Payment received by:
Up to 2 weeks prior to event -$425+HST ($480.25)
Within 2 weeks of the event – $450+HST ($508.50)

DriveTeq GP (big track) dates:

1. Friday, May 4 – info & register now by clicking May 4 GP
2. Thursday, May 24 – info & register now by clicking May 24 GP
3. Tuesday, June 12 – info & register now by clicking June 12 GP
4. Friday, June 29 – info & register now by clicking June 29 GP
5. Monday, July 9 – info & register now by clicking July 9 GP
6. Wednesday, July 18 –  info & register now by clicking July 18 GP
7. Thursday, August 16 – info & register now by clicking August 16 GP
8. Wednesday, September 5 – info & register now by clicking September 5 GP
9. Monday, September 17 – info & register now by clicking September 17 GP
10. Thursday, October 11 – info & register now by clicking October 11 GP

DriveTeq GP Incentive Pricing for all RUN Groups:

Payment received by:
Up to 2 weeks prior to event -$600+HST ($678)
Within 2 weeks of the event – $650+HST ($734.50)

DriveTeq Tremblant (LCMT) dates:

1. Thursday, May 31 – info & register now by clicking May 31 LCMT
2. Friday, June 1 – info & register now by clicking June 1 LCMT

Land Rover Experience: Montebello, QC

How about an incredible off-road experience in the technologically incredible, rock crawling Land Rovers on your way to Tremblant. For more detail and to register, click May 30 DriveTeq Land Rover Experience Montebello, QC.

Want a little better sense of this incredible adventure in video, click Here!

DriveTeq Tremblant (LCMT) Incentive Prices for all RUN Groups:

Payment received by:
Up to 2 weeks prior to event -$750+HST ($847.50)
Within 2 weeks of the event – $800+HST ($1017)

Check Your Mirror for Fast Approaching Entertainment

In 2018, join us for Go Kart racing, winter driving, road trips to historic race courses in North America, ChumpCar racing, regional racing, tactical vehicular training and our foundation – advanced driver training. New participants encouraged and made to feel welcome.

Contact Us if you have any questions or call one of us.

Gerry 416 809-6803 or

Rick 416 938-2730 or

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The Best Driving Week Ever…

Buckle up – #herewegoagain!

This week we start with a DriveTeq driver education and track day at the fabled former F1 circuit, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. After we conquer this, we make our way north to Montebello, QC for a half day program in the dirt with the Land Rover 4x4s! A little change of pace and scenery before … we land in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec to drive the storied “other” former F1 circuit in Canada, Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant!

We take a day of rest after two full days of driving Mont-Tremblant, do a little cycling, celebrate Chef Gary’s birthday and make our way home to get ready for 45-50 Shelby Mustangs back at the big house, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park!

Will it be crazy? Yes, crazy fun and memorable. If you’re not joining us this week at some point, we hope you’ll find a time in the future!!

Check out our Calendar for the many events we host both locally in the GTA and elsewhere in Canada and the USA!

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Anatomy of a DriveTeq Off-Road Driving Day powered by EBA

Who and why should someone attend a DriveTeq Off-road driver education day?

DriveTeq off-road days are for anyone who wants to learn about off-roading and the capabilities of their vehicle.  Our events are geared to newcomers and experienced off-road drivers wishing to improve their skills and knowledge base in a structured environment.

For the off-road novice, you’ll experience the day at your own pace under the supervision and assistance of our experienced trail guides. We reduce the stress, increase the understanding and offer an environment to learn and have fun.

For more experienced drivers, trail guides will be available for some one-on-one instruction as you go through both our skill developing exercises and the trails.

What is the tenor of a DriveTeq Off-road driver education day?

The DriveTeq off-road day is focused on teaching the fundamentals of how to prepare and properly off-road with your vehicle. The days are laid out in such a way that they are both educational and entertaining.

How does the day run?

Registration starts around 8 am at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. The days run rain or shine. All drivers will be taken for an introductory classroom session to go over some fundamentals and theory of off-road driving in order to build a proper foundation for the activity. Prior to heading to the course we’ll also discuss off-road manners including how to follow, speed, safety and radio use.

What kind of vehicles are appropriate and how will they be grouped?

Any SUV, CUV or pick-up truck is welcome and appropriate, provided it is insured, plated and in good working order*. We ask for plates and insurance because the day could take us on to surrounding highways and county roads to get to another off-road trail. You do not require any up grades to your vehicle to participate.

Almost any factory all-wheel drive SUV, CUV or pick-up with reasonable ground clearance will work. If you have any question about the suitability of your vehicle, please Contact Us.

Generally we separate drivers according to their vehicle and what off-road technology and capability it has.

Is there Off-Road coaching personnel available?

DriveTeq will have off-road instructors to assist drivers during the course. Our instructors will add to the quality of the event and augment the delivery of educational information.

Is there a lunch break?

We break for approximately an hour long lunch. This provides the opportunity for everyone to eat, refresh and prepare for the afternoon sessions. Normally, lunch is provided as part of the entrance fee for the day.

How do I prepare for a DriveTeq Off-Road day?

If you would like to learn more about what you should do to prepare for DriveTeq Off-Road Day, click Here.

Please Contact Us with any questions.

*We always reserve the right to deem a vehicle unsafe for our programs without the obligation of providing a refund.