New Sports Cars: CIAS 2018 Toronto, ON

We made our annual pilgrimage to the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show to see where sports cars and car culture is heading!

It was great to see so many wonderful machines under the lights and for us, even more exciting to imagine what they’ll be like when we see them at the race track this season!

We love most all cars but hold a special place for those wonderful performance machines for “driving”! Please visit our gallery for a quick look at some of the fancy pieces we saw and took note of!

It was great to hear from Christian von Koenigsegg on the speed record breaking Agera RS in the morning.

Also, congratulations to Honda for it’s being awarded the AJAC Car of the Year distinction for the new Accord. We had the pleasure of working with AJAC at Test Fest with the array of great hardware!

Until next year! Now, the track season is coming! Follow us on social media and learn more about how we chase driving fun relentlessly!