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DriveTeq Endurance Racing 2018


Do you want to have some great fun racing? Do you want to do with a low level of aggravation and not worry about all of the racing logistics? Do you like to laugh a LOT? Are you interested in becoming a little better driver along the way? Would you like to win but you are ok with not experiencing all the glory related to being a Chumpion? How about a reasonable price tag?

If you have answered yes to most or all of the questions above, DriveTeq’s Racing Program (“DriveTeq”) might have a Race Team for you during the 2018 racing season.

To speak with us directly about the program, email or

QUICK & DIRTY   (What’s this about?)

  • low cost, “arrive & drive” racing
  • tremendous fun and memories
  • competetive, great handling, fast & fun cars
  • professionally run
  • best racetracks
  • no racing experience required
  • training preparation available
  • great place to get racing seat time


The DriveTeq principals have been participating in high performance driving related organizations in Canada and the US for years. We have worked together with many individuals helping them become better drivers on all kinds of racetracks in every imaginable weather condition. We have organized trips to tracks where we’ve had almost as much fun off the track as we’ve had on it. Now, we know there are individuals and groups out there who want to dial the fun up a notch and try their hand at a little racing BUT they want to do it in a well organized way, be safe, keep the hassle low and not blow the bank. So, we have created the DriveTeq racing program.


ChumpCar Canada (“ChumpCar”) is a "series of automotive endurance races held on premier road race courses across Canada". Since 2014, we have participated in races at Mosport, Calabogie and Watkins Glen. In 2018, DriveTeq plans to take part in 3 of the Canadian races (see below).

The cars have a low market values but are required to be properly prepared with racing safety equipment. There are reasonably detailed rules of participation but the bar for racing experience is relatively low. DriveTeq's emphasis is on seat time, having a great experience racing on a lower budget, learning about yourself and racing (& practising) and having some group fun! All of the races are endurance races of one sort or another. Many are double 7 or 8 hour races.  If you’d like to know more about the series, you can visit



1. 1982 Cereal Killa Volkswagen GTi Race Car #666

Qu’est-ce que c’est? The immortal car that started the “hot hatch” revolution. Will it challenge the Nissan GT-R for horsepower? Nope. Expecting spectacular technology and driver aids? Take your skirt off, there will be no tire pressure monitor, g-meter or traction control features built into this beaut. The tires will be “streets” of some sort with a tread wear rating of more than 190.

All who have driven the Rabbit, including some professional racers, leave with a big smile!  It’s raw, light and it handles.

2. 2000 OCC Lasik Volkswagen GTi Race Car #667

The #667 (Blue) is a thoughtfully prepared and powerful race car. It was developed and refined over the entire 2017 track season. Extremely light and stable, it is an excellent platform for both the experienced driver and novice. Tremendous road feel and handling are the hallmark of this pistol.


All races are on Saturday and Sunday. The planned 2018 racing schedule is:

    1. May 5-6 – SHANNONVILLE: Double-8 (Ontario)
    2. June 30/July 1 – CANADIAN TIRE MOTORSPORTS PARK (Mosport): Double-8 (Ontario)
    3. September 22-23 – CALABOGIE MOTORSPORTS PARK: Double-8 (Ontario)


We are running a program that is consistent with the ChumpCar philosophy which is to have a lot of laughs racing cheap cars cheaply and safely. The program will be well organized, professional and efficient. We also want everyone to get a lot of seat time without killing you.

We plan to have 4 drivers per car (“a Chump Driver” or “Chump Racer”) depending on the race format. We would within reason try to divide the driving equally with Gerry and/or Rick and our tech team serving as “Chump back up drivers” if required.

Gerry and Rick are the DriveTeq principals and would be Team Captains. We would make necessary adjustments for each race as required but with the intent of providing everyone with similar amounts of seat time keeping in mind always that our principal objective is for everyone participating to have a lot of fun and go home safely. Unfortunately or fortunately the prize money is not worth talking about but the trophies are pretty cool looking!

Depending on each participant, we can and do schedule race training sessions and practise outings before races. Each driver is required to obtain a ChumpCar racing license and to sit through a short training seminar from ChumpCar also.  The process is simple and practical.


No, you do not have to be a chumpionship driver to participate. It wouldn’t hurt if you’ve had a little high performance driving experience but it’s not a pre-requisite. Your desire to learn, go fast, have fun, compete and be safe is most important. We are looking for people who want to have fun, are team players, will be respectful of their teammates, other participants and the equipment and who value their lives. We do not want any “nasty hockey dads” on the team; that is the guy who is always concerned that what they are doing is better, that they are being discriminated against, if they or their kid, metaphorically speaking, could just get in the game it would all be better, or worst of all, everyone else is “shit” and they are great. To be clear, we are not looking for that participant! If you see yourself that way, please disqualify yourself early.


DriveTeq supplies race car, the ongoing maintenance and repair, gas and transport. You will need to get a fire suit, shoes, socks, underwear and gloves, a hans device (or neck support) and a Snell 2010 or better closed face helmet with built-in communication.


Let’s start with what ChumpCar says in its rules:

“The Unspoken Rule: This is racing… racing is dangerous. Your car may be damaged or destroyed at any time. You may be injured or killed. Do not participate in a race, in any capacity, if you do not understand this and do not get into a race car without thinking about this. Okay, that pretty much says it all… or, maybe not. See “Insurance” (below).


We will also request that participants release DriveTeq, Gerry, Rick and all team personnel from all liability in respect of the participation of any of the ChumpCar events or related activities. We expect ChumpCar will request the same thing. So you should review your own insurance situation in respect of your participation with DriveTeq and the ChumpCar Series.


We have worked out a budget based upon the team structure set above. There is a fee (set out below) which is intended to cover the fixed and variable costs of the season which include:

  • Race car build, set up and ongoing maintenance (tires, fluids, brakes, duct tape, expected general repairs)
  • DriveTeq race car transport for races and scheduled training days
  • DriveTeq team personnel travel, food and accommodation
  • Race entry fees
  • Participant licensing fees
  • DriveTeq team equipment
  • DriveTeq race car gas
  • DriveTeq race collision insurance to limit crash damage liability; not over-rev insurance
  • DriveTeq team administration, organization and insurance
  • Miscellaneous event costs

We expect each Chump Racer will cover his or her costs of transport to events, accommodation and food. DriveTeq will handle the non-personal logistics of the racing (although DriveTeq contemplates building in the licensing costs for each person). If you have travelled with us before, you know we like to move in packs (kind of like jackals) and work to take care of our own but understand that schedules and personal preferences may require that you travel and/or stay alone. We do our best to car pool to cut costs and DriveTeq team personnel also endeavour to travel together and stay together to cost manage and frankly just to have fun.

At events, we often eat together and stay at the same places. They tend to be clean and budget oriented. This is again consistent with the overall focus of the program. You are certainly not precluded from Ritzin it if it’s your thing or important to you.

We don’t want to be overly regulated but we want to create a reasonably clear outline to help everyone with their expectations. On a high level, we want to function wherever possible as one cohesive team unit. That said, DriveTeq will retain discretion to preside over the DriveTeq Beaver Court (Canadian, eh) which will if required make determinations on more contentious issues. For example, if we have someone showing disrespect for teammates or the equipment and driving without concern for the car, we’ll reserve the right to charge that individual for the damage. As you may or may not have considered there are a lot of variables in racing. That’s part of the excitement we suppose! On the other hand, we are working hard at creating a reasonable framework in which the program can function so it’s not a disorganized “free for all”; we’re not interested in that and we don’t operate that way.

The terms will also contain further conditions around the possibility of a future surcharge to cover extra-ordinary expenses incurred during the season. We have worked very hard at the budget and we are hopeful that we are in the right range but DriveTeq needs a little bit of flexibility.

The DriveTeq team rules will be to govern basic etiquette. Again, it is our hope that Chump Racers will come to the DriveTeq team experience with an attitude of good sportsmanship, humour, competitiveness and camaraderie and that 2018 will be a season chalked full of outstanding memories, excitement and big belly laughs.

We’ve started to create a history, and to date, the memories made have been incredible.  You just need to watch some of our racing video footage.


We draw your attention again to “Chump Driver Credentials” above. We will wherever possible operate as one overall team. We will spend some time reinforcing our fundamental philosophy of good sportsmanship, fun and safety as the primary drivers of this race program experience.

We also encourage pre-existing groups with this same philosophy to join us as a group. What a great way to have some fun with family and friends and meet some like-minded individuals.


  1. #666 – $3000 plus HST is our price per person per race weekend. We have noted the cost elements above also that would be contained in the fee. Under the cost elements noted above, we’ve also attempted to assist you in understanding the additional costs for your account like accommodation over the weekend.
  2. #667 – $3450 plus HST per person per race weekend.

We have also attempted to build in some margin for minor expected unexpected events which is typical of any driving event and particularly racing. We have budgeted based upon our current assumptions to operate in a reasonably prudent and professional manner with some margin for the expected unexpected.

The fees are subject to change depending on special event circumstances (which circumstances are always communicated in advance and agreed).


Please let us know of any sponsorship ideas or suggestions you may have. We are open to the possibility of sponsorship for the cars.


Our first race is at the beginning of May at Shannonville, ON and we need to register for this event at least 6 weeks in advance.

We recognize that for most the principal limitation on participation will be time and/or money. We are attempting to address both with this program and create the opportunity for people to experience the thrill of racing.

Please contact us as soon as you can if you would like to play. We won’t be able to run this activity as a last minute adventure in terms of participation. We hope that you find the prospects enticing and will seriously consider participation in another one of our DriveTeq adventures!

Contact us by emailing or

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Drive for the KIDS: May 14 CTMP (Mosport) GP

Come drive and learn one of the greatest tracks of all time AND support the children who need the services of the Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (the “Hospital”) for the first ever “Laps for KIDS”. You don’t need to be an expert driver. You just need to want to support the cause and have some unique fun. There will be excellent instructors available to ensure you learn some skills in a safe environment. Continue reading Drive for the KIDS: May 14 CTMP (Mosport) GP

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New Sports Cars: CIAS 2018 Toronto, ON

We made our annual pilgrimage to the 2018 Canadian International Auto Show to see where sports cars and car culture is heading!

It was great to see so many wonderful machines under the lights and for us, even more exciting to imagine what they’ll be like when we see them at the race track this season!

We love most all cars but hold a special place for those wonderful performance machines for “driving”! Please visit our gallery for a quick look at some of the fancy pieces we saw and took note of!

It was great to hear from Christian von Koenigsegg on the speed record breaking Agera RS in the morning.

Also, congratulations to Honda for it’s being awarded the AJAC Car of the Year distinction for the new Accord. We had the pleasure of working with AJAC at Test Fest with the array of great hardware!

Until next year! Now, the track season is coming! Follow us on social media and learn more about how we chase driving fun relentlessly!

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Preparing for a DriveTeq Local Track Day

DriveTeq believes it is important that we do our best to deliver maximum value when you participate in either one of our own, managed, or coached track events.  We want to provide our resources in a manner consistent with our Driving Values and help you prepare yourself as best you can for your day(s).

Although you need to consider your specific circumstances and the following lists are in no manner exhaustive, in our experience it can be very helpful to consider the following prior to attending a DriveTeq local track event:

At Least 2 Weeks Prior to the Local Event

  • Event Format:  Be aware whether the track event that you are considering is open, two-run, three-run, or multi-run format.  Each has its following and expectation as to driver competency.
  • Track Car Tech Inspection: Although we do not typically require a formal "tech inspection", please consider a review of the vehicle  to ensure your car is prepared for the rigors of the driver's education event.  It's unfortunate, for example, if you arrive with brake pads that will not last the completion of the event. Additionally, fresh high-temperature brake fluid will significantly reduce the likelihood that you will feel brake pedal "fade" during the event.
  • Helmet: Unless you are a beginner, ensure you have an auto sport helmet with a Snell rating of 2010 or newer.  If you are a beginner and able to obtain a helmet, please have it available.

Prior to the Local Event


  • Mental:  Prepare by observing specific video to get an overview of the course.  If you are are attending an event at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park (CTMP) with us, consider booking a preparatory local track session at one of the smaller local tracks we operate at (see our Schedule for availability of local track sessions).  Note: CTMP is the fastest track in North America and appropriate respect should be given.  Always come to a track event well rested.
  • Weather & Clothing:  Check the expected weather and come prepared with appropriate clothing.  We run events rain or shine (and in the winter with snow/ice).  Always expect some variation in temperatures and have layers.  While you are driving, you will likely be warm.  When you are standing outside, you may be cold.  The track typically feels colder than what you expect from the actual temperature.  Be prepared for rain with a change of clothing and shoes.  Clothing Essentials: raincoat, sunglasses, sunscreen, sweaters, t-shirts, jerseys, hats, gloves, driving shoes (if you have - otherwise soft soled shoes that will allow "pedal-feel"), change of shoes.
  • Chair: If you have space, a fold-up chair is nice.
  • Food: Determine whether lunch is provided at the event.  In any event, it's always advisable to bring a few snacks and some water (particularly during the warmest months).
  • Money:  We suggest having some cash on hand.
  • Electronic Devices:  Remember chargers for whatever devices you bring.  At the same time, it is very important that you are not using the devices or have them on during track exercises.

Equipment and Car

  • Gas: Come to the track with a full tank of gas.  You will likely use more than you would in normal everyday driving.  After lunch, if you have 2/3 or less of a tank remaining, fill your tank before the gas pumps at CTMP close between 1:30 to 2:30pm.  Failure will result in your inability to drive to the end of the day and worst, to the nearest gas station to get home.
  • Gas Cans:  Depending on your carrying ability, you may wish to bring gas cans.  At CTMP, gas is often available through the middle of the day at a premium price but otherwise you will need to go off-site to fill your tank.  Gas cans provide some additional flexibility and save some time at the track.
  • Tools: Bring your car tools to the extent you have them.  Typically, work gloves, a torque wrench, socket for your wheel nuts, an air pressure gauge and a car jack, if you are changing wheels.  If you have tools uniquely suited to or required for your car, bring them (e.g. centre lock wheel torque wrench).
  • Helmet:  Unless you are a beginner, ensure you have your Snell 2010 or better rated helmet.  If you are a beginner, please bring a helmet if you have access to one.
  • Oil & Brake Fluid:  Bring some extra motor oil and high temperature brake fluid.
  • Cleaning:  Windshield cleaner and paper/cloth towels.

Please feel free to discuss any concerns or questions with us prior to the event.  You can simply Contact Us.

We look forward to seeing you at the track!  DriveTeq: Driving Better...Driving Results!

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2018 DriveTeq Track Days @ CTMP (Mosport) & LCMT: Dates & Pricing

DriveTeq is pleased to announce its event dates for 2018 at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Mosport GP and Driver Development Track (DDT)). We professionally run safe, educational, and entertaining track days for newcomers to pros. Registration is open for all dates.

To RESERVE specific day(s), click on the links below and complete the registration for each day. OR easier, download, complete, and return the attached form (click DriveTeq Track-Event Schedule - CTMP&LCMT-2018) with specific dates that can be changed until the season starts and email to Fees are listed on a per/day basis. Payment by interac e-transfer (preferred) or cheque (payable to DriveTeq) at time of registration is essential to complete the process. Spots in each run group are limited. No refunds or credits due to weather, mechanical failures, etc. Purchases to be used in 2018.

* Click on coloured text for more information.

DriveTeq DDT (technical track) dates:

1. Sunday, April 22 – info & register now by clicking April 22 DDT
2. Friday May 11 – info & register now by clicking May 11 DDT
3. Sunday, August 12 – info & register now by clicking August 12 DDT

DriveTeq DDT Incentive Prices for all RUN Groups:

Payment received by:
Up to 2 weeks prior to event -$425+HST ($480.25)
Within 2 weeks of the event – $450+HST ($508.50)

DriveTeq GP (big track) dates:

1. Friday, May 4 – info & register now by clicking May 4 GP
2. Thursday, May 24 – info & register now by clicking May 24 GP
3. Tuesday, June 12 – info & register now by clicking June 12 GP
4. Friday, June 29 – info & register now by clicking June 29 GP
5. Monday, July 9 – info & register now by clicking July 9 GP
6. Wednesday, July 18 –  info & register now by clicking July 18 GP
7. Thursday, August 16 – info & register now by clicking August 16 GP
8. Wednesday, September 5 – info & register now by clicking September 5 GP
9. Monday, September 17 – info & register now by clicking September 17 GP
10. Thursday, October 11 – info & register now by clicking October 11 GP

DriveTeq GP Incentive Pricing for all RUN Groups:

Payment received by:
Up to 2 weeks prior to event -$600+HST ($678)
Within 2 weeks of the event – $650+HST ($734.50)

DriveTeq Tremblant (LCMT) dates:

1. Thursday, May 31 – info & register now by clicking May 31 LCMT
2. Friday, June 1 – info & register now by clicking June 1 LCMT

Land Rover Experience: Montebello, QC

How about an incredible off-road experience in the technologically incredible, rock crawling Land Rovers on your way to Tremblant. For more detail and to register, click May 30 DriveTeq Land Rover Experience Montebello, QC.

Want a little better sense of this incredible adventure in video, click Here!

DriveTeq Tremblant (LCMT) Incentive Prices for all RUN Groups:

Payment received by:
Up to 2 weeks prior to event -$750+HST ($847.50)
Within 2 weeks of the event – $800+HST ($1017)

Check Your Mirror for Fast Approaching Entertainment

In 2018, join us for Go Kart racing, winter driving, road trips to historic race courses in North America, ChumpCar racing, regional racing, tactical vehicular training and our foundation – advanced driver training. New participants encouraged and made to feel welcome.

Contact Us if you have any questions or call one of us.

Gerry 416 809-6803 or

Rick 416 938-2730 or

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The Best Driving Week Ever…

Buckle up – #herewegoagain!

This week we start with a DriveTeq driver education and track day at the fabled former F1 circuit, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. After we conquer this, we make our way north to Montebello, QC for a half day program in the dirt with the Land Rover 4x4s! A little change of pace and scenery before … we land in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec to drive the storied “other” former F1 circuit in Canada, Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant!

We take a day of rest after two full days of driving Mont-Tremblant, do a little cycling, celebrate Chef Gary’s birthday and make our way home to get ready for 45-50 Shelby Mustangs back at the big house, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park!

Will it be crazy? Yes, crazy fun and memorable. If you’re not joining us this week at some point, we hope you’ll find a time in the future!!

Check out our Calendar for the many events we host both locally in the GTA and elsewhere in Canada and the USA!

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Anatomy of a DriveTeq Off-Road Driving Day powered by EBA

Who and why should someone attend a DriveTeq Off-road driver education day?

DriveTeq off-road days are for anyone who wants to learn about off-roading and the capabilities of their vehicle.  Our events are geared to newcomers and experienced off-road drivers wishing to improve their skills and knowledge base in a structured environment.

For the off-road novice, you’ll experience the day at your own pace under the supervision and assistance of our experienced trail guides. We reduce the stress, increase the understanding and offer an environment to learn and have fun.

For more experienced drivers, trail guides will be available for some one-on-one instruction as you go through both our skill developing exercises and the trails.

What is the tenor of a DriveTeq Off-road driver education day?

The DriveTeq off-road day is focused on teaching the fundamentals of how to prepare and properly off-road with your vehicle. The days are laid out in such a way that they are both educational and entertaining.

How does the day run?

Registration starts around 8 am at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. The days run rain or shine. All drivers will be taken for an introductory classroom session to go over some fundamentals and theory of off-road driving in order to build a proper foundation for the activity. Prior to heading to the course we’ll also discuss off-road manners including how to follow, speed, safety and radio use.

What kind of vehicles are appropriate and how will they be grouped?

Any SUV, CUV or pick-up truck is welcome and appropriate, provided it is insured, plated and in good working order*. We ask for plates and insurance because the day could take us on to surrounding highways and county roads to get to another off-road trail. You do not require any up grades to your vehicle to participate.

Almost any factory all-wheel drive SUV, CUV or pick-up with reasonable ground clearance will work. If you have any question about the suitability of your vehicle, please Contact Us.

Generally we separate drivers according to their vehicle and what off-road technology and capability it has.

Is there Off-Road coaching personnel available?

DriveTeq will have off-road instructors to assist drivers during the course. Our instructors will add to the quality of the event and augment the delivery of educational information.

Is there a lunch break?

We break for approximately an hour long lunch. This provides the opportunity for everyone to eat, refresh and prepare for the afternoon sessions. Normally, lunch is provided as part of the entrance fee for the day.

How do I prepare for a DriveTeq Off-Road day?

If you would like to learn more about what you should do to prepare for DriveTeq Off-Road Day, click Here.

Please Contact Us with any questions.

*We always reserve the right to deem a vehicle unsafe for our programs without the obligation of providing a refund.

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Anatomy of a DriveTeq Driver Education Track Day

This blog is for those individuals who are contemplating a DriveTeq driver education track day (“DriveTeq DE”) and would like to know how it’s operated.   The following is generally how our track days unfold but always subject to specific changes made to accommodate special circumstances that may arise from time to time.

Who should attend a DriveTeq DE, are there different groups and what are the expectations?  

The events are run for everyone from the “track first timer” to a pro driver.  Generally, we separate people on track into three different groups according to their driving skill and experience.  We do not separate individuals based on the speed of their car.  For the track newcomer, we permit them to experience the day at their own pace, and under the supervision and with the assistance of an experienced driving coach.  We reduce the stress, increase understanding and create a whole lot of learning and entertainment.

For the intermediate driver, we make coaches available for people who need or want them and increase the locations that you may pass slower cars.  We work hard with intermediate level drivers to help those that want to improve and to get better.  And, for those with some experience wanting to enjoy their car in a more spirited and educational environment, we give them that opportunity too.

For our advanced drivers, we permit passing anywhere on the track with an appropriate signal.  The expectation for our advanced drivers is extremely high.  They are qualified based on factors such as their car control skills and exceptionally good situational awareness and judgement.  We do not qualify advanced drivers based upon the speed of their car but rather the skill in their driving.  We love “fast” provided it’s blended with a high level of driving competence and a fundamental understanding of driving dynamics. In our view, an advanced driver can be placed onto any road course and pick it up competently in a few laps because they understand vision and car dynamics and can implement; i.e. also, their driving is not based solely on an understanding of the “line”.  The track days are not about “fast” in the form of “wild and/or dangerous”.

Tenor of a DriveTeq DE

A DriveTeq DE is for all levels of driver and is focussed on driving well at every level.  Our days are intended to be both educational and entertaining and they are designed so every level of driver can maximize on their objectives within our framework.  Our days are not for racing and it’s not permitted.  A DriveTeq DE is predicated on excellent operation, and mutual respect and care by all participants for one another.  We create the environment for it, we enforce it and our friends and clients thrive in it.

How does the day begin?

Our days start early with registration and the collection of any outstanding payment in the event centre depending on the track.  Our track newcomers are then taken for an introductory classroom session to build some foundational elements upon the rest of their day driving will be based.

The balance of our drivers are then asked to attend a track side meeting to go over track etiquette including passing rules, flags, safety procedures and general comments relating to the structure and philosophy of our days.  This is also an opportunity for individuals to ask questions of our chief instructor and track safety personnel before we begin the day’s activities.

What kind of cars?

Most any car, provided it is safe, can be used at a DriveTeq DE.  We always reserve the right to disqualify a car if we believe it to be dangerous or unfit.  Most importantly for track newcomers, you do not require a high performance sports car.  Although many fast cars participate in the days, it is not a pre-requisite; in fact, our experience is track newcomers often learn much more when they begin in slower cars so their focus is on learning proper driving technique.

Exercises for Track Newcomers

Part of our program is to prepare newcomers for the track before they enter upon it.  We review fundamentals of proper driving technique in order to properly prepare people to have the best and safest day possible.  At DriveTeq, our focus is to help individuals at every level drive better in a controlled environment.

During the period that track newcomers are in the classroom and in exercises, the advanced and intermediate drivers are on track practising their driving skills on an alternating basis.  Before the lunch hour, we integrate the track newcomer group into the on-track portion of the day.

Safety & Track Personnel

We always have EMS personnel on site at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and we have a full complement of track marshals at both the Grand Prix Track and the Driver Development Course.  At the GP track, we maintain not less than ten (10) corner marshals to protect our drivers around the many blind corners at this great track.

Lunch Break

We break for a minimum one hour lunch.  This gives everyone a chance to refresh, eat and prepare for the afternoon sessions.  Normally, lunch is provided as part of the entrance fee for the day.

Questions, Comments during the Event

During the course of the day, the Chief Instructor, coaches and track staff are available to answer questions, take comments and generally assist participants in meeting their personal objectives, staying safe and having an outstanding and memorable day at the track.

How do I prepare for a DriveTeq DE?

If you’d like to learn more about what you should do to prepare for a DriveTeq DE, click Here.

If you continue to have questions about our DriveTeq DE’s, we’d be delighted to speak with you.  Please do not hesitate to Contact Us!  We work very hard to have exceptional events and we hope to see you at the track! DriveTeq:  Driving Better…Driving Results!