Anatomy of a DriveTeq Driver Education Track Day

This blog is for those individuals who are contemplating a DriveTeq driver education track day (“DriveTeq DE”) and would like to know how it’s operated.   The following is generally how our track days unfold but always subject to specific changes made to accommodate special circumstances that may arise from time to time.

Who should attend a DriveTeq DE, are there different groups and what are the expectations?  

The events are run for everyone from the “track first timer” to a pro driver.  Generally, we separate people on track into three different groups according to their driving skill and experience.  We do not separate individuals based on the speed of their car.  For the track newcomer, we permit them to experience the day at their own pace, and under the supervision and with the assistance of an experienced driving coach.  We reduce the stress, increase understanding and create a whole lot of learning and entertainment.

For the intermediate driver, we make coaches available for people who need or want them and increase the locations that you may pass slower cars.  We work hard with intermediate level drivers to help those that want to improve and to get better.  And, for those with some experience wanting to enjoy their car in a more spirited and educational environment, we give them that opportunity too.

For our advanced drivers, we permit passing anywhere on the track with an appropriate signal.  The expectation for our advanced drivers is extremely high.  They are qualified based on factors such as their car control skills and exceptionally good situational awareness and judgement.  We do not qualify advanced drivers based upon the speed of their car but rather the skill in their driving.  We love “fast” provided it’s blended with a high level of driving competence and a fundamental understanding of driving dynamics. In our view, an advanced driver can be placed onto any road course and pick it up competently in a few laps because they understand vision and car dynamics and can implement; i.e. also, their driving is not based solely on an understanding of the “line”.  The track days are not about “fast” in the form of “wild and/or dangerous”.

Tenor of a DriveTeq DE

A DriveTeq DE is for all levels of driver and is focussed on driving well at every level.  Our days are intended to be both educational and entertaining and they are designed so every level of driver can maximize on their objectives within our framework.  Our days are not for racing and it’s not permitted.  A DriveTeq DE is predicated on excellent operation, and mutual respect and care by all participants for one another.  We create the environment for it, we enforce it and our friends and clients thrive in it.

How does the day begin?

Our days start early with registration and the collection of any outstanding payment in the event centre depending on the track.  Our track newcomers are then taken for an introductory classroom session to build some foundational elements upon the rest of their day driving will be based.

The balance of our drivers are then asked to attend a track side meeting to go over track etiquette including passing rules, flags, safety procedures and general comments relating to the structure and philosophy of our days.  This is also an opportunity for individuals to ask questions of our chief instructor and track safety personnel before we begin the day’s activities.

What kind of cars?

Most any car, provided it is safe, can be used at a DriveTeq DE.  We always reserve the right to disqualify a car if we believe it to be dangerous or unfit.  Most importantly for track newcomers, you do not require a high performance sports car.  Although many fast cars participate in the days, it is not a pre-requisite; in fact, our experience is track newcomers often learn much more when they begin in slower cars so their focus is on learning proper driving technique.

Exercises for Track Newcomers

Part of our program is to prepare newcomers for the track before they enter upon it.  We review fundamentals of proper driving technique in order to properly prepare people to have the best and safest day possible.  At DriveTeq, our focus is to help individuals at every level drive better in a controlled environment.

During the period that track newcomers are in the classroom and in exercises, the advanced and intermediate drivers are on track practising their driving skills on an alternating basis.  Before the lunch hour, we integrate the track newcomer group into the on-track portion of the day.

Safety & Track Personnel

We always have EMS personnel on site at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park and we have a full complement of track marshals at both the Grand Prix Track and the Driver Development Course.  At the GP track, we maintain not less than ten (10) corner marshals to protect our drivers around the many blind corners at this great track.

Lunch Break

We break for a minimum one hour lunch.  This gives everyone a chance to refresh, eat and prepare for the afternoon sessions.  Normally, lunch is provided as part of the entrance fee for the day.

Questions, Comments during the Event

During the course of the day, the Chief Instructor, coaches and track staff are available to answer questions, take comments and generally assist participants in meeting their personal objectives, staying safe and having an outstanding and memorable day at the track.

How do I prepare for a DriveTeq DE?

If you’d like to learn more about what you should do to prepare for a DriveTeq DE, click Here.

If you continue to have questions about our DriveTeq DE’s, we’d be delighted to speak with you.  Please do not hesitate to Contact Us!  We work very hard to have exceptional events and we hope to see you at the track! DriveTeq:  Driving Better…Driving Results!