DriveTeq Endurance Racing – Shannonville Motorsports Park

Date(s) - August 1, 2020 - August 2, 2020
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Shannonville Motorsports Park


TWO SERIES, TWO CARS & LOTS OF RACING: In Twenty20 DriveTeq plans to continue its “Arrive & Drive” endurance race program under ChampCar and Lucky Dog Racing Canada (LDRC) rules. Since 2014, DriveTeq has been participating in low budget, high value endurance racing in Ontario (Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (nee Mosport, CTMP), Calabogie Motorsports Park (CMP), Shannonville Motorsports Park (SMP) and New York (Watkins Glen International (WGI)). Event formats are generally 7 or 8 hour races each day over a weekend.

DriveTeq’s emphasis is on the following:

  1. Seat time to improve car control and racecraft skills;
  2. Transitioning drivers from driver education lappers to racers;
  3. Driver safety;
  4. Team fun; and
  5. All on a modest budget!


In each of the two organizations that we plan to run in 2020, the bar for racing experience is relatively low. While the cars have low market/performance values, they are required to be properly prepared with racing safety equipment. ChampCar groups race cars by a predetermined value system based on age, engine displacement and modifications. LDRC groups cars by lap time during a qualifying period prior to each race weekend. In each case, the cars are required to be properly prepared with racing safety equipment. Overall, we expect at least 14 hours (or more) of drama, comedy, dance, and lots of fun. The following is each organization’s rules of participation:

  1. ChampCar (nee ChumpCar), visit
  2. Lucky Dog Racing Canada (LDRC), visit


  1. #666 – Our sweet VW Rabbit GTi Mk1 race car has survived 6 years of endurance racing. Cleverly disguised as a box of breakfast cereal, our Cereal Killa has brought down many a knight in shining armour. We have often heard on their retreat “Run away, run away”. The car handles very well and is exceptionally entertaining to drive. Safety – FIA approved roll cage, fire suppression system, fuel cell, front and rear bumpers, 2-way radio, and lights to name a few things.
  2. #821 – Our latest endurance racer, a BMW E82 128i #821 race car (Code Name: GINA) built to Champcar specs is being tested and tuned. The car will be safe, reliable, fast, comfortable, and handle well. Watch for pictures and video as our ugly duckling turns into a swan.


DriveTeq 2020 Racing Schedule (amended due to COVID-19)

Sat 4-Jul Shannonville LDRC 666
Sun 5-Jul Shannonville LDRC  
Sat 1-Aug Shannonville LDRC 666
Sun 2-Aug Shannonville LDRC  
Sat 22-Aug Calabogie ChampCar-8 hour 821
Sun 23-Aug Calabogie ChampCar-+7 hour  
Sat 5-Sept CTMP LDRC 821 & 666
Sun 6-Sept CTMP LDRC
Sat 3-Oct Calabogie LDRC 821
Sun 4-Oct Calabogie LDRC


TRACK/LOCATION: Shannonville Motorsport Park (SMP), Shannonville, ON. Fourteen turns, 4.03km (2.5mi) – flat demanding course, brutal on equipment and drivers. Our kind of track.

EVENT DATE: August 1-2 – Shannonville with Lucky Dog



PARTICIPATION AGREEMENT: Subject to agreement to terms and conditions contained in the DriveTeq Racing Agreement.

THE TEAM FORMAT: We are running a program that is consistent with our philosophy which is to have a lot of laughs racing well prepared, less expensive cars (delivering big value) on an economic and safe basis. The program is well organized, professional and efficient. We also want everyone to get a lot of seat time without stressing you.  The BMW and Rabbit will be driven by 5 and 4, respective drivers per race day on an equitable basis.

COST ELEMENTS (What you are paying for): We have worked out a budget based upon the team structure set above. The cost per person includes:

  • Race car build, set up and ongoing maintenance (tires, fluids, brakes, duct tape, expected general repairs)
  • DriveTeq staff personnel travel, food and accommodation
  • Race entry fees
  • DriveTeq’s race equipment
  • DriveTeq race car gas
  • DriveTeq race collision insurance – BMW $TBA, Rabbit $3000 deductibles, (over-revs excluded)
  • DriveTeq administration, organization and insurance
  • Miscellaneous event costs

Cost exclusions for each participant racer are transportation to events, accommodation, food and annual participant licensing fees for each series. You will need to get a fire suit, shoes, socks, underwear and gloves, HANS device and a Snell 2010 or better closed face helmet, preferably with built-in IMSA style communication.


  1. #666 – $3000+HST ($3390) per driver per race weekend. Four (4) drivers.


  1. At bottom of this page, select the race car and complete the Booking process;
  2. You will receive a “Booking Pending” email;
  3. On our approval, a “Booking Confirmed” email will be delivered with event details, total remittance amount, and payment instructions (interac e-transfer or cheque); and
  4. Payment will complete the registration process.

Important Notes: Unpaid or partially paid applicants are subject to cancellation without notice.

Further questions and how to get involved, please call Gerry 416 809-6803 or Rick 416 938-2730.  UNBELIEVABLE FUN!



Bookings are closed for this event.

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