DriveTeq Go-Karting Race 6

Date(s) - March 25, 2019
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

401 Mini-Indy Go-Karts


We just love to drive! So, consistent with that passion, we run a winter go-karting program at the 401 Mini-Indy.

Quick & Dirty:

Where: 401 Mini-Indy, 37 Stoffel Drive, Etobicoke
Dates: Jan. 7 & 21, Feb. 4 & 26, Mar. 11 & 25 (note that we skip the Family Day Monday & Tuesday Feb 26)
Time: Arrive at 6:30 pm and start at 7 pm
Cost: $45+HST ($50.85)


The foundation of what we aspire to and what we do revolves around Driving Better. The emphasis of our go-karting program, regardless of your level of experience, is the same. People come and race with us because they have the opportunity to practise their driving and racing skills. The racing is competitive but it’s fun. We ask people to arrive between 6:30-6:50pm to sign in. If you haven’t played with us before, bring your driver’s license and the track will take some information and issue you a free membership so you’re in their system. Then we have a short meeting to go over the “rules” which are pretty simple. We place an emphasis on no “rockem sockem” racing and no dive bombing other karts in the corners unless you can get position and not collide. Our participants and the track are always impressed and appreciative at the high level of courtesy and fun we have. It is not a “smash-up derby”.

We start racing at 7:00pm. If you are wondering, the go-karts are gas powered.

So, you can come out and practice your driving and if you want to engage in some good racing, there are always some opportunities for an epic 20 lap struggle awaiting you!


Our winter go-karting program began on Monday, January 7th and will run generally every second Monday evening (except Tuesday, February 26) for six (6) events in total. If you click on a particular event, you will receive drop down and registration information on that event. This is the same for all of our activities. The actual dates are Jan. 7 & 21, Feb. 4 & 26, Mar. 11 & 25 (note that we skip the Family Day Monday).

What to Bring:

We suggest you come with your own helmet if you have one but if you don’t, no fear, they have helmets you can use at the track. We also suggest you bring driving gloves. Fancy is not the word but effective is. You certainly can go fancy and use your Alpine Stars or you can do like us and bring some garden gloves. Your clothing should be layered and comfortable. You should also make sure you are warm. It gets a little cool on the track during the winter even though it’s indoors. Remember, they need to clear the exhaust so it will get down to 5-10 degrees Celsius on the track.

Run Groups:

We typically break into groups of 5-9 people depending on how many participants we have. We try not to run more than 3 groups of 20 laps per race. The track is not exclusively ours but we tend to dominate the night. Occasionally other groups slip in between us so there is a waiting period between races but this is a time when you can chat and recover from the race before. Oh, and if you think 20 laps doesn’t seem like a lot, come and try it. For the uninitiated who are causing us a little grief, we try to “hook them up” with consecutive races!

Cost, Payment & Registration:

The cost is $45+HST for 3 races of 20 laps per evening. The total cost including tax is $50.85. We really appreciate payment in advance of the event through an interac e-transfer. They are easy, secure and fast. It also helps us avoid the administrative hassle at the event of collecting money. We will also accept (but prefer interac in advance) cash (in the exact amount if you can) or a personal cheque with our prior approval. To register, you can simply follow our REGISTRATION process (look at CALENDAR and date of event) to let us know that you are coming and then send your payment as noted above. You may simply show up at the event but we strongly suggest that you register as we do limit our numbers depending on kart availability and will give preference to those who have registered with us in advance.

Family, Age Limit & Groups:

We love to watch family members, friends or work colleagues battle it out and hope you will consider coming as a family or other form of group. We will blend you in nicely so you can enjoy some friendly (or not) competition! Unfortunately, younger people must at least have their G1 or otherwise have proof that they are 18 years old.

Please consider joining us for a great time. The season is short! If you have further questions or to register, please Contact Us.


Bookings are closed for this event.

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